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26th Season of IWC (2019-2020)

The Indianapolis Women's Chorus is pleased to announce its second women's choral composition contest. Composers are invited to submit compositions to Indianapolis Women’s Chorus for performance at a regular IWC concert and a monetary award. 

Teen Call for Scores PDF

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Teen Individual Category
  • Teen applicants must be ages 15-19 but not yet in college as of May 15, 2020.
  • Teen applicants must be residents of the state of Indiana.
  • Teen applicants must be female (including trans women).
  • Submissions will be accepted through May 15, 2020. All submissions must be received by 11:59pm on May 15, 2020.
Teen Group
  • Two or more teens working collaboratively on a composition may submit in this category.
  • Age and other requirements as outlined above for the TEEN INDIVIDUAL category apply to this category.
  • Submission deadline is the same as the TEEN INDIVIDUAL category.
  • The winning applicant in each category will receive a $200 award.
  • The winning composition in the Young Adult category will be performed by the Indianapolis Women's Chorus in a regular season concert in fall 2020. 
  • Winning composers are encouraged to attend a rehearsal of their composition.
  • Winning composers are required to attend the premiere of their compositions. The winning composer will receive free tickets for themselves and immediate family to attend the performance of their composition.
General Requirements
  • All submissions must be original compositions and must be written for women’s voices.
  • Text must be in alignment with IWC mission and values (www.indianapoliswomenschorus.org/about).
  • For any text not in the public domain, written permission from the publisher or author must be submitted for its use and performance.
  • Compositions must be unpublished, and the composer’s own original work.
  • No arrangements (folk songs, carols, pop songs, etc.) will be accepted.
  • Composers may submit only one composition.
Specific Requirements
  • Scored for three or four-part women’s chorus (e.g. SSA, SAA, SSAA) with or without piano accompaniment.
  • The choral parts should be written with intermediate, community chorus members in mind.
  • Small solo parts can be used.
  • A percussion part is optional but must be playable by a single percussionist.
  • Choral Range: F3-F5. Brief extensions outside of this range are acceptable.
  • Text: Both secular and sacred texts are acceptable. However, sacred texts must be spiritually inclusive or spiritually universal. Texts that support a single religion, advocate for a single religion, or denounce other religions will not be accepted.
  • Length: 3-5 minutes with a maximum length of 6 minutes.
  • Languages: For languages other than English and Latin, please provide a pronunciation guide or a spoken recording of the text.

Composers retain copyright of music submitted. By submitting a composition in this competition, you (the composer) agree that your composition maybe photocopied for the purposes of adjudication and rehearsal by the Indianapolis Women’s Chorus. Also, you (the composer) grants Indianapolis Women’s Chorus the right to audio and video record the live performance and/or a studio performance of the composition, to distribute the recording for marketing/PR purposes, and to feature the recording on our YouTube page, website, and social media account.

Piece will be adjudicated via the following categories:
  • Interest of musical ideas
  • Formal design of composition
  • Text setting
  • Textures
  • Appropriateness for IWC to sing
    • Difficulty
    • Range
    • Text source
Listening Samples

These pieces are representative of the level of difficulty for the Indianapolis Women’s Chorus’s standard repertoire.  
  • TEEN: Submissions will be accepted through May 15, 2020. All submissions must be received by 11:59 PM on May 15, 2020.
How to Submit
  • Email all parts of the submission to emerging@indianapoliswomenschorus.org
  • Items to submit:
    • Computer notated score (without composer name) in PDF format
    • Computer notated obbligato part(s) (without composer name) in PDF format
    • Cover Letter for Teen Individual, found HERE
    • Cover Letter for Teen Group, found HERE
    • Permission for text or information on public domain
    • Text in its own document for reprint in the concert program
    • Recording (MIDI recordings are acceptable) in MP3 format
    • If applicable, a pronunciation recording
    • Brief description of the piece (500 word maximum)
Need some free or inexpensive music notation software? Check out musescore.com and noteflight.com.

Questions can be directed to emerging@indianapoliswomenschorus.org

Teen Call for Scores PDF

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