Job Description:
ACCOMPANIST- provide piano accompaniment for chorus rehearsals and concerts, rehearsal tracks and administrative tasks to assist the rehearsal process. This person will be supervised by our Artistic Director
Time Commitment:
Three, two-hour rehearsals per month, major performances in fall and spring, with additional communtiy performances.
Chorus Mission:
Indianapolis Women’s Chorus embodies musical excellence and the power of women and song to transform communities.
1. Accompany Chorus rehearsals.
▪ Provide piano accompaniment for rehearsals, including:
▪ Sunday evening rehearsals, approximately 5 – 7:30 pm.
▪ 1-2 Saturday retreat days per year
▪ 2-4 rehearsals with soloists in preparation for each concert.
▪ Dress and tech rehearsals.
▪ Accompany for sectionals as needed
▪ Provide accompaniment for auditions (2-3 audition days per year).
2. In collaboration with AD prepare recording of rehearsal tracks for each vocal part each season (primarily August and January).

3. Accompany Chorus performances.
▪ Two major concerts, November 2022 and May 2023, two performances and one to two dress rehearsals per concert.
▪ Up to 6-8 additional community performances per year.
4. Meetings and communication
▪ Participate as a member of the Music Sounding Board (primarily by email).
▪ Meet as needed with the Artistic Director
5. Provide other assistance as requested and agreed upon.

Compensation will be based on hours worked and will look similar to what is below.
  • $100 per Sunday rehearsal (Max. 2 hours)
    • 3 rehearsals per month
  • 1-2 retreat rehearsals on a Saturday (1-2 hours)
  • Any extra rehearsals (dress rehearsals, etc.) payable at $100/rehearsal (max. 2 hours)
  • Season Concert Performances (November and May, 2 performances each) — $150/performance
Rehearsal and performance schedule may be amended due to pandemic restrictions as necessary. 

To apply, please submit your resume and a statement of interest to Sherry DuBois at

Candidates will be invited to interview and audition beginning August 2022; posting will stay open until the position is filled.
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